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du jeudi 13 février 2014 à d'en 1 an à Nice

mardi 24 mars 2015



"I watched this movie alone, and I still felt embarrassed by all the overacting. Especially Faye Dunaway. And by about the millionth pontificating monologue, I could actually feel the knuckles of the writer's hand grinding against my esophagus as he was shoving themes and points down my throat.
I personally don't like movies with urgent morals. I was also annoyed by the shallowness of the characters - they all seemed to me as cardboard cutouts which the writer moved around to carry out his agenda. And I found that agenda to be much much less about the subject matter - media politics and the political state of America in the 70s - and more about nostalgia for the good ole' days when there were no humanoids and boob tubes. I felt Network was a backward thinking, cartoon of a movie that wanted to be about 20 different things and wound up being about nothing worth pondering." (tnk2d, imdb.com) 

Le Prêteur sur gages (1964)